Simplygood SG Guzelj d.o.o. is a company with almost 30 years of tradition in the field of vending services in Slovenia. In all the years of continuous development, we have managed to achieve three main qualities that we are proud of: the quality of products and services, quick response in the implementation of services and an extraordinary work team.

The family company SG Guzelj d.o.o. was one of the first Slovenian companies in this field and over the years, with the help of dedicated and professionally trained employees, it has grown into a successful and stable company.

We are constantly striving for the quality development of our services and products. We ensure development through continuous education of employees and thorough study of the market, which allows us to follow trends and adapt to the wishes and requirements of users. In developing our offer, we strive for products that will be fresh, natural and with which we will be able to strengthen cooperation with local food providers as much as possible.

We also work closely with manufacturers and development departments of self-service vending machines.

At the company, we are aware that the satisfaction of our employees is essential to ensure the quality of our services, so we implement a number of measures to enable employees to reconcile private and professional life and feel good in our team. Thus, after obtaining the basic one, we are currently in the process of obtaining the full Family-Friendly Company certificate.